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The Muskego Storm Organization gives players the opportunity to make new friends and maintain those friendships by participating on organized baseball teams. Players share the common goal of wanting a higher level of competition and improving their skills. By sharing these experiences, they have a chance to make friendships that will last many years.

While development is the overall goal for each player, additional benefits of playing organized baseball go beyond the field. Players also learn the following life skills:

    • Teamwork
    • Sportsmanship
    • Respect
    • Discipline


“This was our first year with the Storm and it has been fantastic! Great group of knowledgeable coaches who keep the game fun, but still play very competitively. A family oriented organization we are proud to be involved with.”

“Love the leadership and attitude of the organization. It’s a great fit for our family.”
-Mark & Kim

“We joined the Storm family two years ago. Our son loves it for the competitive edge and we love it for the family friendly schedule and the organization’s commitment to sportsmanship on and off the field. The Storm keeps the fun in baseball while focusing on a winning tradition and builds a community that we’re so proud to be part of!”
-#7’s Mom

“The Muskego U9 Storm has been a great experience for our son. The coaching staff has been a positive influence both on and off the field for our son.”
Dave & Lisa

The Muskego Storm teams consist of 12 players from U8/2nd grade thru U14/8th grade. Our teams play approx. 30 games which consist of league games and at least 3 weekend tournaments. Practices begin in mid-January at the “STORM SHELTER”, located at S84 W19249 Enterprise Drive in Muskegowith an average of two practices per week. The Muskego Storm is a member of the M.A.J.O.R. Youth Baseball League. The Muskego Storm is supported by the Muskego Athletic Association and proud member of the Muskego Chamber of Commerce.

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Chris Haag – President and Board Position, Web Design Admin, U13 Assistant Coach

Michael Haase- Vice President, Board Position, U11 Head Coach

David Brandstatter – Treasurer and Board Position

Jay Meinen – Secretary, Uniform Control and U12 Head Coach

Jim Becker – U13 Head Coach, Fundraising Chairman and Web Design Admin, MAA Liaison;
[email]Jbecker97@wi.rr.com[/email] (414) 737-2611

Kevin Bettinger – Board Position, Equipment, U14 Head Coach

John Kardelis – Board Position, Secretary, Facilities Coordinator and U10 Head Coach

Josh Perkins- Board Position, U9 Head Coach

Chris Witkowski- Board Position, Fundraising/Special Events

Todd Augustine – Board Position, U8 Head Coach

Chris Dibb- Board Position, U8 Assistant Coach

Jason Henneberry – Board Position, U7 Developmental Coach

Brian Morrow – Muskego Storm Girls President-Board Position and Facilities






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